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Manual Meat Mixer

Manual Meat Mixer
Model: 20LB
Product Description:
stainless steel meat mixer
1. Tank capacity:9KG
2. Working capability: up to 17-20lbs. of mixture.


1. Before using, please read and fully understand the cleaning, cautions and operating instructions. If there are any questions, please contact the manufacturer.
2. Never operate the mixer without the lid on. The lid protects you and the product you are mixing.
3. Never leave the mixer unattended, especially around children.
4. The 20 Lb. Meat Mixer is designed to mix up to 20 pounds of meat, including the seasonings and liquids. When using less than 20 pounds of product, the mixer may have tendency to roll the meat instead of mixing it. We do not recommend that you mix less than 5-10 pounds of meat. Keep these instructions for further use.
5. Clean the meat mixer prior to use by removing the lid (Part #4).
6. Remove the paddle assembly (Part #6) by removing the handle lock knob (Part #2). Turn the paddle lock knob (Part #3) fully clockwise and pull the knob outwards. The meat paddle can now be removed by lifting the paddle upwards.
7. Clean all interior parts, including the meat housing, prior to use.
8. Re-assemble the meat mixer by reversing Step 6.
9. Place the 20 Lb. Meat Mixer on a level work table or countertop. Install the handle (Part #1) and secure it with the handle lock knob (Part #2).
10. Add meat and all ingredients into the mixer. Cover with the lid and turn the handle counter clockwise until the meat and all ingredients are evenly distributed.
11. Save these instructions for future reference.

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